Photo Courtesy of Saint Andrew Photography
Photo Courtesy of Saint Andrew Photography

Lalaga: Weaving Heritage Dance in the 21st Century

Pacific Dance Fono 2014

Whitireia Performing Arts Centre

Vivian St, Wellington Central

Saturday 2nd August, 10am - 5:00pm

How heritage dance is sustained in Aotearoa by and for its Pacific diaspora.The fono looks at issues faced by our communities, models currently being practiced by practitioners and the long term sustainability of our art-forms for new generations.

The Pacific Dance Fono offers a varied programme starting with the morning programme looking at 'Growing Your Arts Business' run by the Pacific Business Trust. This is an introductory workshop where you will find out about IRD obligations, ideas around business management and setup processes. 

This would be beneficial for all artists, community groups, new graduates but also for more established practitioners.  And, it's free!!

Facilitated by Sefa Enari (PDNZ), Maureen Tukaroa-Betham (PBT Wellington) and Zecharaiah Reuelu (PBT Wellington)

The afternoon programme features a keynote address by the 2014 Pacific Dance Artist in Residence - Tuaine Robati - who shares his experiences about teaching heritage dance and reports back on his residency #PUERA.

We also meet Eddie Soro from Vou Fiji, Fiji's most prolific contemporary dance company. Who not only talks about running a dance company in the islands but also ends our day by running a master class in the Fijian Meke.

Sesilia Pusiaki is a Tongan heritage dance practitioner who is carrying on a thousand year old tradition passed through her family. From the family environment to stage, she has successfully made the transition. 

Emalani Case (Hawaiian hula) and Veronica Vaovasa (Tokelauan Fatele) talk about maintaining their own heritage dance within the Pacific diaspora.

This leads into a discussion facilitated by Tania Kopytko (Executive Director DANZ) around models for maintaining heritage dance in the 21st Century.

We also feature dance works by Whitireia New Zealand students and the Wellington Kiribati community Group.

Our action packed day ends with a discussion around what heritage artists needs are for the future and our practical master class with Eddie Soro, just to shake everything into action.



10:00am – Registrations

10:30am – Pacific Business Trust Workshop (Growing Your Arts Business)

12:00pm – Break

12:40pm – Whitireia Performing Arts Group- Student Works and the beginning of the Pacific Dance Fono

1:00pm – Fono Keynote Address – Tuaine Robati (2014 PAcific Dance Artist in Residence)

1:20pm – Presenter 1 – Eddie Soro – VOU Dance Company

1:35pm - Presenter 2 – Sesila Pusiaki – Pukepuke O Tonga

1:50pm - Emalani Case (Hawaiian hula), Veronica Vaovasa (Tokelauan Fatele)

2:05pm - Kiribati Community Dance

2:15pm - Discussion – Models of Heritage Dance Maintenance, Facilicator Dr Tania Kopytko – DANZ

2:55pm – Afternoon tea

3:10pm - Breakout Groups – Weaving Paths - feedback about heritage dance futures

3:40pm – Plenary 

4:00pm – Master Class Eddie Soro – Fiji Meke

5:00pm – End

To register or enquire about this fono please email or phone 09 376 00 60.